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Tips on what to look for in Web Hosting Reviews

Reviews are a fantastic way to get impartial views on a product or service that you want. Look at TripAdvisor for example, it has over 435 million reviews covering 6.8 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions. If a hotel or restaurant isn’t on TripAdvisor then that will put people off going there.

Millions people in countries across the world base their choice for a birthday meal or a hotel for their holiday base on reading a bunch of TripAdvisor reviews. This is because people know that this is the best way to get genuine opinions on the place of review. Have you ever looked at some hotel photos that have been put on the hotel’s website then had a look on TripAdvisor’s reviewers’ photos and seen a stark difference? This could prevent you from making a huge mistake. The CEO over at TripAdvisor certainly knows a good business opportunity. Reviews are so well used these days that if a place gets bad reviews, it will impact their profit margin so it is every business’ priority to ensure that their reviews are not driving custom away.

It’s no different when it comes to web hosting reviews, a bad review from a top techie guru is pretty much the kiss of death so they are falling over themselves to get to the top of the review charts and provide the best service to generate further business. Now that there is such a big focus on reviews, it makes it a lot easier as a consumer to get an unbiased view. Reading content form the host’s website is obviously only going to show favourable statistics or reviews. You’re never going to see them post “took 5 days to get hold of customer support and even then they were useless” listed under their hand-picked customer testaments, are you?

If you’re new to web hosting then you may well be unsure of what it is exactly that you’re looking for in a review. We’ve rounded up some tips to help you understand what to avoid and what to look for when it comes to using web hosting reviews:

  1. The first tip is to disregard and reviews that are directly on the host’s website. Use their website only to find out the details of what features and packages they offer.
  2. Make sure you get a wide range of hosts to compare, at least 5 will give you a good understanding but if you use comparison tables like the one in com then you get a large range of hosts to read the reviews of. It’s like most products or services you look at – you wouldn’t want to buy the very first car you saw advertised for sale, you’d want to take a look at what’s available and at what price, and you’d be looking for key factors like; Is the MOT included? How does the car perform? You should approach reviewing your web host in the same manner.
  3. Get a basic understanding of the key performance measures and the features that are available. You can get a better understanding of things like Uptime, Page Speed and other website performance factors.
  4. Scope out your own requirements and then match them to the web host that offers this, rather than opting for a web host and then thinking about how you want to use the website when it’s too late to easily change host!

Web Hosting Review: Siteground

Siteground was started way back in 2003 and originally operated out of Bulgaria and Spain. Head office is now in Panama and they have a regional office in Washington DC. With over 300,000 sites on its books, worldwide, if you are a sole trader or small business, Siteground provides a range of hosting packages to suit all pockets. Their aim is to be flexible and to grow with your needs when you need it.

They offer both dedicated and shared hosting as well as cloud with a Linux operating system. For businesses and entrepreneurs who are interested in starting an ecommerce site they also support the major retail software solutions such as Magento and Pretashop. And if you like your free software then you won’t be disappointed with offerings such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.


Siteground Hosting Prices

Prices are competitive in line with the rest of the market and you can get a shared hosting plan for as little as £2.75 per month. Cloud hosting is more expensive as you might expect with various packages ranging from £47.50 to £95.70. If you want a full entrepreneurial dedicated hosting service, then you should be looking to pay in the region of nearly £300 per month.

Siteground Bandwidth

The company is one of the few that doesn’t put unlimited bandwidth and storage at the top of their features list. These parameters vary depending on which plan you choose so you need to have a reasonably good idea of the amount of traffic you are going to attract.


There are a wide range of features available depending on the package you choose including the usual PHP and other scripting provision, as well as MySQL and cPanel. BIGACE, 4images and IMAP support are some of the other features you can easily access. Backup is done daily as you might expect from a well-established company and you can easily transfer your old site to the new one with Siteground’s own tools. All in all, it scores highly from users for the range of features available.

Siteground Security

The company has a good reputation for providing high level security. Even on shared servers, individual accounts are protected so even if another customer suffers some security breach it shouldn’t affect you. They have their own scripts in place to handle attacks and issues such as brute-force hacking attempts. With robust login policies and continuous monitoring, Siteground provide a safe environment for all kinds of websites to operate in.

Siteground Customer Service

Where most hosting services fall down is with customer service. Siteground actually provide a quick response to most queries and this is one of the top benefits that users cite when they are reviewing the company. That includes offering 24/7 phone support wherever you are in the world.

For all round performance, Siteground is up there with some of the major players on the hosting market. User reviews generally site the good customer service combined with very little downtime and the company is popular with both designers and ecommerce businesses.

If you are an individual or small business who wants competitive pricing with a good quality service, then Siteground has much to offer. A little pricier on the dedicated service side than some of its competitors, you can make up for that with a top quality provision that can be tailored to your specific needs.


The importance of Internet has been growing rapidly with a geometrical progression over the past decade and nowadays it is unthinkable to have a successful business without any Internet presence. At the same time individuals also linger to have a personal blog or a photo album available on the Internet to share emotions and experience with friends and family even when one does not have time to meet everybody in person or talk to them on the phone. And here comes the big question – what do you need to have your personal stuff on the Internet. The answer is simple – one thing you need for sure is reliable hosting.

What is hosting?

Most people that are trying to get their own site online for the first time would ask themselves that exact question – what is hosting? If you were to ask that question some 30 years ago, the answer you would get is simple – receiving or entertaining guests in a social or official capacity. Now on the other hand things are a lot more complicated when answering that question since people often perceive hosting as Internet hosting – storing information on an internet server.

What types of hosting are there?

The term Internet hosting is as broad as it gets since there are many different types of hosting that you can find on the Internet and I will try to explain most of them.

We have file hosting (also known as file storage) that allows you to store your files on an Internet server so that you can access them from any location. This is also often used for backing up important files in case something happens to your hard drive.

Another common type is the web hosting (also known as web site hosting or just webhosting) and this is a service that allows you to upload your own website on an Internet server – and not just any server but a web server that can render the site for visitors from any location with Internet access. So that you can rest assured the site is online 24/7 and accessible at any time you should find a professional web hosting company that will guarantee that.

We also have image hosting that allows you to upload your own pictures and albums on the Internet so that you can share them with friends and family even if they are half way across the globe from you. It is also common for professionals like photographers to upload their portfolio.

We must not forget e-mail hosting – as the name suggests it allows you to have your own e-mail address that you can use for sending and receiving messages. Such services can be part of a web hosting package or provided separately. You can even get it for free from providers like Google and Yahoo.

Speaking of which reminds me there is also free hosting – it is rather limited but hey, it is free! And there is nothing better for student projects or personal sites that you don’t wish to pay for.

The so-called “warez” hosting is worth mentioning as well although it is illegal since this is the act of distributing unlicensed copyrighted materials like software, music and movies.

And last but not least is collocation hosting which allows you to store your own server (the actual hardware you purchased yourself) in the datacenter of a web hosting company. This is suitable for people or companies that have server administration capabilities and they need complete freedom in managing the server.

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