If you find that your website is falling behind in terms of customer satisfaction and profit, the answer to your problems might lie within your website’s content. Many website owners make the mistake of underestimating how badly their websites can hurt their companies’ progress. Don’t be that person. These are five things you should change about your website right now to induce sales and progress.

Get Rid of Most of Your Call to Actions

Forget everything you know about placing countless call to actions around your website for maximum selling potential, and get real. If a user wants to purchase your product or make a conversion, they will. Instead of placing call to actions all around your website, fill these areas with interesting content that will get your users even more interested in what you’re selling.

Of course, you will want to keep your most important call to actions, and maybe even more importantly, make sure that they are visible. If there is at least one visible call to action above the fold on your website, you’re doing better than lots of other websites already.

Stop Underestimating the Value of a Blog Section

If you’ve heard about others adding blogs to their websites, you’ve probably scoffed at the idea and wondered how in the world that could possibly help matters. In actuality, a blog can help your website a lot!

A blog adds a personality to your website that you can’t achieve in any other way. It shows your users that you’re a real person and that you have something else to offer them than just a service or product. Additionally, blogs help tremendously with SEO, as long as the blogs are written with SEO in mind. Using internal links, as well as topics that lend themselves to the addition of naturally inserted bolded keywords will turn the “unnecessary” blog section into an SEO powerhouse. They also present a great opportunity for a community to establish via the comment sections (although, I personally recommend that you turn off the comments section because they very often fill with spam.)

Delete Useless Content

Quite simply, people don’t like to read- especially online. People are very accustomed to skimming content online to find the information they need and go along their merry ways. This is why it’s your job to deliver what’s important. Cut out the rest of the content that serves no real purpose, and only be a supplier of what people want to know.

Useless content can even hurt your website. Search engines are beginning to place value on websites that offer real, useful information that can’t be found anywhere else. This is why recycling information and “fluffing” just isn’t cutting it anymore. Also, the content that you do have on your site better be optimized for search engines! Double check everything to make sure.

Get Rid of Outdated Features

Additionally, you should overhaul anything that is outdated about your website. Unfortunately, your users aren’t as impressed with your Flash intro as you are. As previously stated, users want information quickly online. Therefore, they are likely going to get irritated if they have to somehow find a way past your Flash intro to get to the information they really want. Features that are still common in websites today that need to be nixed without questions are automated live chats, Flash intros, automatic audio, etc.

Shorten Your Forms

Lastly, spend some time crafting your forms so that they only funnel the information you need. What goes on inside your head when you are greeted with a lengthy form on a website? Do you let out a labored groan? If your form is any longer than 5 or 6 fields, it’s likely your users are doing the same thing. Create short forms that are easy to fill out, and you’ll be surprised by the increase in conversions of those forms.